Need Quality Janitorial Cleaning Services in Calgary, AB?

At Calgary Cleaning Inc, we are committed to providing the best janitorial cleaning services in town. We cater to a broad variety of workspaces, from the smallest of sites to the largest commercial facilities. Our team is based in Calgary, Alberta and we can travel anywhere in the city whether its downtown or outer city.

You can rely on us to deliver fast and efficient cleaning. You know why? Because we guarantee a high level of customer service by making you, the client, our priority.

Whether you run a small corporate office, an educational center, an industrial warehouse, a clinic, a model home, or even a religious building, all you’ve got to do is pick up the phone and book a cleaning. Our professional cleaners will come out rain or storm.

Our Availability

You can pick from a number of different schedules, so that our cleaning services suit your regular routine. We can make daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and tri-weekly visits, whatever you need.

These are our basic packages, but there is room for adjustments if necessary. Just have a chat with the CCI customer service team and they’ll help you put together the perfect cleaning rota, at an affordable price. No matter what your requirements, we’ll do our best to meet them.

The following services are what we include as part of every cleaning job. They are what we like to call the

CCI Basics.

  • Desk Cleaning
  • Cleaning All Furniture
  • Wipe Down Doors
  • Clean/Disinfect Sinks
  • Clean/Dust Partitions (if applicable)
  • Lunch Table Cleaning
  • Refrigerator Cleaning (External)
  • Thorough Cleaning of Toilets/Urinals
  • Clean/Disinfect Bathroom Sinks
  • Stainless Steel Polishing
  • Floor Sweeping
  • Carpet Vacuuming
  • Mirror Polishing
  • Emptying Trash Containers
  • Microwave Cleaning (inside and out)
  • Clean/Disinfect Floors

Need Additional Services?

Calgary Cleaning Inc is also able to offer a number of extra services, if they are requested and arranged with the team. We want to cater to your needs, so don’t be afraid to tell us what your requirements are. If you work in a clinic or medical facility, for instance, there might be more of a focus on disinfecting floors, doors, and public areas.

Our caretakers can clean the workplace to your exact specifications and they’ll do it with the minimum amount of disruption to your daily routine. We can provide the following services (among others), upon request:

  • Stripping Floors
  • Cleaning Outside Windows
  • Sealing/Finishing VCT Floors
  • Buffing/Waxing Floors
  • Shampooing/Treating Carpets
  • Day Porter Services
  • Carpet Cleaning

We have award winning janitorial cleaners in Calgary and you can set up a regular cleaning schedule with just one phone call or using our online booking form. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today and discuss rates and services.

At Calgary Cleaning Inc, the customer comes first. Our cleaners will arrive at a time that suits you and will always consult you before applying finishes, waxes, or treatments to furnishings and floors.

Call now and get a free cost estimate for your project!