Who Are We?


We are people who are sick of mediocre cleaning services that haven't embraced technology. We're Calgary Cleaning Inc and we're here to make your maid service experience as quick and easy as can be using a unique online booking form, constant text updates, and professional cleaners. So what're you waiting for? Book online now and experience the CCI difference. You can get a number of different services including:
Maid Service
Office Cleaning
Janitorial Service
Carpet Cleaning
And we're always adding new services so be sure to check again often!

We Only Hire The Best

If there is one thing that separates one cleaning service from another, it's the cleaners! That's obvious. Thats why we only employ maids that are top notch. However, we go a step further and professionally train them to clean as thoroughly as possible. Only after they clean our own home and we're satisfied with the results do we send them out on the field.

Trust Is Crucial

We know that it can be scary to have someone come in your home whether you are present or not. That's why we take trust and safety very seriously. Our cleaners are not only bonded and insured, but also background checked to make sure you can trust them.

No Hidden Fees and Satisfaction Guarantee!

Have you ever hired a service thinking you would pay one price, and at the end it's completely different? Well you won't ever experience that with Calgary Cleaning Inc. The price we tell you before we start cleaning is the final price you will pay. It's that simple. If you're not happy then we'll come and clean again and again until you are satisfied.

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